Activating the product


The following information is provided to help you to activate your ViewerFX for Crystal Reports program. For troubleshooting information, visit the Support site.


What is Activation?

To continue to use all of the features of your product, you must activate the product. Origin Software Product Activation is an anti-piracy technology designed to verify that software products are legitimately licensed.


Activation works by verifying that the Product Key is not in use on more personal computers than are permitted by the software license.


How do I activate ViewerFX for Crystal Reports?

When you start ViewerFX for Crystal Reports for the first time after installation, you are prompted to enter your Product Key.


Grace period:  Before you enter a valid Product Key, you can run the software up to 45 days. This is known as the grace period. During the grace period, certain features may be enabled that are not included in the product you have purchased. After you enter a valid Product Key, you will see only the features you have purchased.


Reduced Functionality mode:  After the grace period, if you have not entered a valid Product Key, the software goes into Reduced Functionality mode. In Reduced Functionality mode, your software behaves similarly to a viewer. You cannot save modifications to reports, and additional functionality will be reduced. No existing reports are harmed in Reduced Functionality mode. After you enter your Product Key and activate your software, you will have full functionality for the features you purchased.


Activate over the Internet

The Activation Wizard automatically contacts the Origin Software licensing servers through your Internet connection. If you are using a valid Product Key that has not already been used for the allowed number of installations, your product is activated immediately.


When you activate through the Internet, your product ID (derived from the installation Product Key) is sent to Origin Software through an encrypted transfer. A response (the confirmation ID) is sent back to your computer to activate your product. If you choose to activate your product through the Internet and you are not already connected, the wizard alerts you that there is no connection.


How do I activate at a later time?

If you don't want to activate your copy of the software when you install it, you can activate it later.


Do one of the following:

        Click the Activate Product button image059 from the standard toolbar.

        Follow the instructions in the Activation Wizard.

        If you have a problem with your activation, contact a customer service representative by using the email address provided in the wizard.


How can I tell whether my software has already been activated?


Do one of the following:

        Click the Activate Product button image059 from the standard toolbar.

        If your software is activated, you receive the following confirmation message:


This product has already been activated.


If your software is not activated, the Activation Wizard starts. Follow the instructions in the Activation Wizard.